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Ransomeware Virus

Protect from Ransomeware Virus



July 10 , 2017 | Posted by Bob | 2 Comments

Ransomware Virus, How to Protect

Ransomware is a particular type of virus that encrypts (re-codes) your Files, Photos, and Documents so you can’t access them without an un-encryption key. You are then sent an email demanding money for the specific un-encryption key (program) for your particular version of Ransomware. Sometimes the key is valid, sometimes it is not. Ransomware is

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September 18 , 2016 | Posted by Bob | No Comments

Microsoft Live, “Beware”!

  What is Microsoft Live anyway? Microsoft Live is the facility in Windows 10, which is part of the initial set-up. Microsoft Live asks you to set-up a username and password “online”. This may seem innocuous, but it is possibly quite problematic.   The Problem: Microsoft Live gets you to set-up your machine username and

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July 15 , 2016 | Posted by Bob | No Comments

Keep Windows 7

  If you are using Windows 7, keep it!  Windows 7 is rock solid and works perfectly. There is no reason to upgrade to Windows 8, 8.1 or Windows 10.  In fact the latest version of Windows 10 still has bugs, which interfere with the smooth operation of your Computer. Microsoft is spending a lot

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April 9 , 2016 | Posted by Bob | No Comments

Ransomware, what you can do to stop it!

Ransomware, how to protect yourself from being one of its’ victims; As you may be aware, Ransomware is rampant on the Internet. (Hacking, then holding files, photos and critical records for ransom). Hackers bait users by getting them to click on an infected email or open an attachment and then, BOOM!  Your files are encrypted

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February 9 , 2016 | Posted by Bob | No Comments

Microsofts Bitlocker and its’ Pitfalls

Microsoft Bitlocker and its’ Pitfalls When you purchase a new Computer with Windows, the 1st thing you are asked to do is to create a “Login”. Be Careful!! What Microsoft is trying to do is to get you to use their “Cloud” to store your Computer Password in the hopes that you will use this

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October 20 , 2015 | Posted by Bob | No Comments

Never say “Yes to All”

NEVER say “YES TO ALL” when downloading Software Programs or Drivers. When you go to a Web Site to download something, you may find it daunting to answer the 10-15 questions about whether you want to download this or download that. NEVER say “Yes to All”. (It is a check box). Although it may seem

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August 4 , 2015 | Posted by Bob | No Comments

Internet Safety Tips!

Internet Safety Tips: The Do’s and Don’ts for “Surfing the Internet”: There are important safety tips everyone should use when “Surfing the Internet”. You need to be very careful about sharing your personal information with anyone on the Internet. Doing things like telling people about where you are going and where you have been is

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July 15 , 2015 | Posted by Bob | No Comments


Have you ever forgotten your machine password and could not gain access?  There is a simple (but dangerous) way to Unlock Your Apple Mac Computer… When you research this issue on the Internet, you will find the Apple Support Groups discussing a variety of ways to do this, whereby some are successful and some are

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